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We love creating digital architectural illustrations. The FORM ONE team possesses over 35 years of design and construction industry experience which results in computer imagery of stunning realism and detail.

In order to achieve the highest level of photo realistic computer generated imagery, one must understand not only the mechanics of computer technology and software, but also how a building is assembled and detailed, the nature of scale and proportion and possess a "photographer's eye", as it relates to the field of view and "frame" of the composition.

Finally , one must possess a clear understanding of how natural light interacts with artificial light and how the nature of color, reflectivity and texture enriches the digital composition. 







process and fees

  • The client contacts us via email and includes sketches or cad drawings and a narrative of the project and their expectations.

  • We review the supplied information and respond within 24 hours with questions (if needed) and an estimated fee for services

  • If the estimate is satisfactory, we will email a professional services agreement and an invoice for a non-refundable deposit (25% of fee)

  • Upon receipt of the signed agreement and deposit, we begin work to produce a low resolution proof rendering for your review

  • The client provides our illustrators with comments or revisions (note: this step may be repeated)

  • We incorporate the client's revisions and re-issue a high resolution proof with a watermark. 

  • When client  approves  the final rendering, an invoice is issued for the remainder of the agreed upon fee and we send the client a high resolution image without the watermark.

  • Our hourly rate is $85.00 per hour | tasks and related hours are available for review at anytime during the process

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